Egypt to support Somali military

Somali President Mohamed Farmaajo during a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi August 20, 2017. Photo: Egyptian Presidency

Egypt will support Somali military to ensure it is able to take up its defense and national security role, leaders of both countries agreed Sunday during bilateral talks in Cairo.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi noted the two countries enjoyed historical relations adding that Egypt will ‘continue to provide all support to Somalia during the next phase to build and consolidate the institutions of the state, especially the Somali National Army.

President Mohamed Farmaajo welcomed strengthening economic and trade relations, saying there are opportunities to develop cooperation in many sectors. “Somalia and Egypt are historical partners with a modern vision for common progress and prosperity,” said Farmaajo.

During the two days state visit by President Farmaajo Somalia and Egypt also explored areas of bilateral support with Egypt pledging to continue cooperation in programmes and courses organised by the Egyptian Agency for Partnership for Development (EAPD), and promised an increase in scholarships offered by Egypt.

A statement from the presidential press service highlighted the historic ties Somalia and Egypt have enjoyed terming it strategic and mutual. “The relationship between Somalia and Egypt is unprecedented. The issue is far from geography, such as Arabian and Islamic ties, and is more powerful than a financial relationship any other.”

Egypt sent a team of teachers early this year to provide educational support in the newly opened 15th May Primary School in Mogadishu.

Meanwhile President Farmaajo’s visit to Egypt comes hot on the heels of a simmering crisis among Gulf nations which has seen Somalia maintain a neutral stand as Egypt strongly fronted a Saudi alignment.



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