Eight MPs stripped of immunity in Puntland

GOOBJOOG NEWS|GAROWE: Eight MPs were Thursday morning stripped of their parliamentary immunity following a vote by Puntland parliament in yet another round of battles in the easterly state.

The lawmakers sitting in Garowe cast 35 votes in favour of the motion while only three filed a contrary opinion. One lawmaker abstained. According to the motion, the MPs are accused of violating the House Standing Orders but it was not immediately clear which sections of the orders the MPs violated.

Goobjoog News has however learnt the motion was a deal gone sour in a fight between the House Speaker Abdirashid Yusuf and a faction of MPs. The affected faction reportedly prepared a motion to kick out he fought back by mobilisng other MPs to banish his ‘enemies’ from the House.

Removal of immunity in Puntland, unlike under conventional practice practically seals one’s fate as an MP. Former speaker Abdihakim Dhoobo Dared who had been at loggerheads with state president Abdullahi Deni suffered a similar blow in December. He was not only stripped of immunity but also kicked out of the house.


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