Ethiopian war planes bomb Al-Shabab training camps in Bay region

Somali government forces supported by allied forces have been conducting operations to drive out Al-Shabab fighters from many parts of the country.

Reports from Bay region state that Ethiopian warplanes have last night conducted airstrikes on Al-Shabab garrison at Labatan-Jirow locality lying 20km from Baidoa town, officials say.

South-West Minister for rehabilitation and disarmament of militias Hassan Hussein Mohamed speaking to VOA Somali service said that Al-Shabab controlled areas have been targeted with bombardments leaving heavy causalities.

“The aerial raids are part of the operations intended to annihilate Al-Shabab fighters and the target was the group’s military base in that area” he said.

He urged locals to stay away from areas frequented by the militants.

This comes in the wake of Al-Shabab’s increasing terror attacks in the country.

Yesterday the groups exploded a car bomb near a heavily-guarded complex housing the offices of Somalia’s president and its prime minister in Mogadishu living behind death of five people and more others injured.

The explosion came the day the country’s leadership and international partners have been attending a national consultative conference at Villa Somalia.

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