EU donates 48 million relief to Somalia

The European Union has announced €105.5 million in aid to Horn of Africa nations suffering coronavirus pandemic, severe flooding and a months-long locust invasion that has destroyed crops and threatened food security.

Among the countries supported by EU include Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya and  Djibouti mainly to promote health care facilities and combat  COVID 19  top priority, as well as assist farmers to help maintain food production during the crisis.

Somalia, which has seen 56 fatalities among its 1,421 confirmed coronavirus cases, now faces a potential cholera outbreak following recent floods. Aid agencies say the flooding along the Shabelle River has forced 412,000 people from their homes, adding to the risk of spreading COVID-19 and other diseases.

Currently, the World Bank also has approved US$137.5 million for Somalia to help the nation address its multiple crises.

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