EU navy rescues Somali Navy  troops

EU Naval Force Operation ATALANTA has rescued a crew of Somali Soldiers who were on board a technical problem about 60 kilometres north of Adale district in Middle Shabelle region.

A Spanish frigate who is part of the ATALANTA mission rushed to safe the boat with the Somali navy after it encountered a technical challenge on their boat.

In a press statement from the EU EY NAVFOR Somalia, the cooperation between the Port Police and the Somali navy with the ATALANTA mission has decided to be closely monitored and assisted Somali navy forces in technical problems in close contact with a Spanish frigate near the coast of Somalia has assisted workers and navy forces.

ATALANTA Operation Commander Antonio Planells Palau said the operation led by the Spanish frigate ESPS Canarias immediately responded to the request.

Antonio also said that the ATALANTA mission is committed to maintain the security of the Somali coast and support the regional partners in the region adding that they are happy to rescue the Somali navy safely.

EU NAVFOR Somalia mission operates in the South Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden and a large part of the Indian Ocean protecting coastal waters and fighting with piracy to enhance peace in the water.

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