Even a Limping Lion can Hunt Cows, says Former NISA Boss

Former Somali government chief intelligence Abdullahi Mohamed Ali aka Sanbaloloshe speaking to Goobjoog TV reporter Ahmed Abdirahman Omar in Mogadishu. Photo: Goobjoog Media Group.

Former Somali government intelligence boss Abdullahi Mohamed Ali aka Sanbaloloshe has come out strongly against the government following the loss of his federal parliamentary seat in HirShabelle state saying it will not deter him to fight to the bitter end believing that even an injured lion is capable of going on a hunting mission.

Yesterday Sanbaloloshe gave an exclusive interview to Goobjoog TV News touching on wide range of issues among them Somali current affairs, near future political affiliation, his sacking from NISA and how he lost his parliamentary seat a week ago to Noor Iidow Belye.

On the political front, he insinuated that given the unsupportive and harsh treatment he received from the government, he is obliged to join the opposition as the only resorting alternative to survive politically.

“If one is missing from a place, then one must be present in another field. I am politician and if now I am not part of the government, then my only option is to join the opposition” said Sanbalolshe.

Similarly the recent defeat he experienced of losing his federal parliamentary seat in HirShabelle state was as a result of his alleged government financial backing towards his rivals leading to vote buying among the delegates that voted in the election process.

“The government was reluctant to conduct the repeat election. They postponed the election several times to devise how to manipulate it. Most of the voting delegates have been bought by Villa Somalia with huge money which changed their conscience. This was very evident in Jowhar town, especially the local administration and the elders knew it” Sanbalolshe said.

On holding the top seat in the National Intelligence and Security Agency (NISA), the highest federal state security office, he claimed that during his appointment as the head of NISA in April 2017, he was assured by the current Somali president of his job security given that he will forfeit his parliamentary seat for the intelligence chief post.

However it seems the government did not honour its pledge on the matter when it sacked him late October 2017 just 7 months after his appointment.

He expressed his bewilderment on the government of even going further to make him loose his parliamentary according to him.

“I looked forward to serve the government seat but they sacked me. I expected it to give me a hand in reclaiming my parliamentary but this too never happened. It appears the executive wants to use people and later dump them. I don’t like the way they treated me” he lamented.

Was he defeated and tired by accommodating all these losses into his life within a short time of period to which he responded “even a limping lion can chase a cow” meaning he is not yet exhausted but will keep on fighting to assert his position in the unpredictable political arena of Somalia.

He stated that the country is indirectly managed alongside the executive by people who fund them during the presidential campaign.

“Every leader that comes to power, there is invisible hand in the management of the country who push them to the brink of disaster assuming they own the leader a favour by supporting them to gain the presidency” stated Sanbalolshe.

Some opposition figures were labeled them as “nationhood destroyers” by the government. On this, he advised the government to accept different opinions and put its house in order on the reflection of what the opponents are declaring.

Joining the opposition has its price and fear of being attacked by the government as was the case of Abdirahman Abdishakur but Sanbalolshe sounded optimistic that the executive is not too steep on such move believing that his opposing activities are what he described as “a constructive one” to take part in the development of the country.

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