Every Vote Counts A Model for Popular Elections in Somalia

Somalia today stands at a critical juncture. Following years of sacrifice by all Somalis to build peace, advance political reconciliation and dialogue to chart the future of our country, we stand at a watershed moment that brings back the power of decision making into the hands of all Somalis.

Elections for Somalia in 2016 firmly place us on the path of stability, progress and unity. These elections must happen in order to restore legitimacy and the stability necessary for nation-state building.

Somalis are unanimous in their resolve to realize good governance based on their aspirations and priorities. The dialogue continues at all levels in Somalia and beyond on a realistic election model that will deliver on these ambitions.

In this spirit, the Forum for Unity and Democracy has endorsed the Proportional Representation model for elections in 2016 (see our Elections 2016 – A Call to Action document). This is after having consulted widely with stakeholders and experts in the areas of electoral, legal and governance frameworks. This decision is informed by the need to address logistical, security and political challenges that have been sighted as concerns for the feasibility of elections in Somalia.

The Forum strongly believes that Proportional Representation offers a fair, just and equitable solution that accommodates the wider public interest and enhances a spirit of coalition and consensus.

In presenting this election model, we aim to advance Somali ownership of the process and foster a culture of civic responsibility. To move this forward, Somalis must hold their leadership accountable in ensuring that we create the necessary enabling environment and processes that guarantees that every Somali will cast their vote come 2016.

We reiterate the firm position of the Somali people to move their country forward and call on all actors to support a democratic process that will lead to free and fair elections in 2016.

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