Exclusive Pictures: Deadly Attack on Post Treat and Pizza House premises in Mogadishu

An attack comprising of car explosion and subsequent burst of gunfire by fighters believed to be members of Alshabab destroyed Posh Treat and Pizza House restaurants.

A car loaded with explosives knocked down the main gate of Pizza House and followed by armed men rushing inside the building.

This attack caused the death of more than 10 people mostly civilians that stood outside the gates of the two close food outlets.

The armed men entered Pizza House and started firing indiscriminately on the people inside the premise.

The casualties in the area now stand at 24 people dead among them a Syrian national and three Somali sisters.

Somali security forces who reached the scene immediately engaged in exchange of fire with the gunmen inside Pizza house believed to be four in number.

The operation took many hours because of heavy gunfire being heard early this morning and finally concluded shortly as confirmed by government security forces.

Both two premises were destroyed extensively including some building adjacent to the attack site.

This attack comes in light of the recovery of security situation in the city due to broad security operation carried by Special Forces assigned to stabilize the city.

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