EXCLUSIVE: PM and Speaker convene urgent meeting over security architecture fall out

Somalia's newly appointed Prime Minister Hassan Ali Khaire attends the Parliament seating where he was confirmed in Somalia's capital Mogadishu March 1, 2017. REUTERS/Feisal Omar
PM Hassan Khaire and House Speaker Osman Jawaari will convene today to iron out issues raised by the House Defense Committee over the new security architecture. Photo:  REUTERS/Feisal Omar|March 1, 2017.

Prime Minister Hassan Khaire and Speaker Osman Jawaari are convening a joint meeting today with teams from both sides to salvage a fall out following critical questions raised by the Lower House defense committee regarding the national security architecture which the parliamentary committee has dismissed as unconstitutional, Goobjoog News can authoritative report.

Impeccable sources privy to the developments have intimated to Goobjoog News the PM alongside the defense minister and line technocrats is expected to respond to questions from House Speaker Jawaari and Defense Committee in light of issues tabled before the House Tuesday.

“Both sides are meeting today to iron out the issues before presenting a report to parliament,” the source who could not be named because of the sensitivity of the matter said.

The Lower House was set to proceed for recess Wednesday but the Defense Committee sought the indulgence of the Speaker for more time to dispose of the matter ahead of the May 11 London conference where Somalia is expected to present the security architecture to pitch for international funding of the security sector.

The House will sit until Sunday.

The Committee Tuesday tabled scathing criticism of the government warning the architecture which was unveiled following a three days meeting between the Federal Government and Federal State leaders in Mogadishu not only violated the constitution but also could compromise the stature and integrity of the Somali National Army.

The Committee in particular took issue with the involvement of the state presidents in the composition and distribution of the military in addition to appointment of sector commanders. Citing article 54 of the Provisional Constitution, the Committee noted the Federal Government cannot share power and authority of managing the military with state governments.

Article 54 singles out national defense besides monetary policy and regulation, citizenship and immigration and foreign affairs as off limits for state governments and squarely fall within the scope of the federal government.


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