EXCLUSIVE: SNA planning to launch operation against fugitive minister in Mandera

Reports from Beled-Hawa district indicate tensions high between government troops and the former Jubaland security minister which raised the security situation in Beled-Hawa town and the border between Kenya and Somalia.

Somali national army is now planning to launch forcefully operation against former Jubaland security minister hiding a hotel in Mandera County. Residents claim Somali troops have taken a position planning to attack the hotel after Janan security forces reported actively operating Mandera County in Kenya.

Somali national army operation comes barely a day after one person killed and another one badly injured in a fighting battle between government troops and Janan forces in Beled-Hawa district and later fled to Mandera County.

Somalia government previously has issued warrant arrest letter and requested the government of Kenya to assist in the process of Abdirashid Janan arrest at a hotel in Mandera town but Kenya ignored.

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