Family of five succumb to hunger as situation escalates in Galgaduud region

Five people from the same family have perished of starvation in Galgadud region as thousands others are in dire need of emergency food relief as hunger bites most of Somali regions.

According to local elder in Tifafley village which lies 150 km away from Bahdo town, the deceased, lost their lives due to lack of food.

“The family die of hunger, their bodies were seen by another family which was living some kilometers away from scene,” said elder Ali.

He said the lack of water and pasture has sent livestock prices plummeting.

The elder says that prior to the drought, water was plentifully available, and but now the locality has affected by water shortage which killed many animals and forced residents to shift with their livestock.

“The price of a drum of water reached som shs 180000 (9 US dollars) which is unaffordable price to the locals who are pastoralists. People started moving away with their livestock in search of water from the neighbouring regions” he said.

Ali said that many locals are at risk of dying of hunger-related incidences as the number of people in need of food has hit the ceiling following harsh weather.

“Several other people especially the aging, women and children are helpless and most of them have been left alone in their houses as the able members of the families look for water and food and the death toll might rise if no action is urgently done to save the situation, “said Ali.

Pastoralist families are facing a serious shortage of water and pastures after several water points dried up the last few months as a result of dry spell that has hit Somalia.

Thousands of Somalis have fled the countryside in search of food and water, trekking for days under scorching sun toward camps in major towns.

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