Farmaajo cornered as 12 aspirants demand changes to poll committee

President Mohamed Farmaajo’s name might be the only one on the ballot should other presidential candidates make good their threat.

This follows a declaration by 12 presidential aspirants Sunday to withdraw from the race claiming the president had filled the Federal Elections Committee with cronies.

The candidates among them ex-presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, Sharif Sheikh Ahmed and recently sacked Prime Minister Hassan Khaire said Sunday they no longer had trust in the electoral process. According to the candidates, the FEC was now an extension of the presidency with senior NISA officials, civil servants and allies of the President taking up positions.

The sentiments follow similar concerns by Forum for National Parties headed Sheikh Sharif and Hassan Sheikh Mohamud. The Forum also demanded the selection of the elections committee for Somaliland be left to the speaker of the Upper House Abdi Hashi and not the president.

Hashi is the senior-most politician from Somaliland. Presidential elections are slated for the first week of February next year.

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