Farmaajo dishonest on election deal-Madobe

GOOBJOOG NEWS|KISMAYO: Jubbaland president Ahmed Madobe has accused President Mohamed Farmaajo of failing to honour his pledge to withdraw federal forces in Gedo region reiterating his earlier stance against elections in the region.

Madobe told civil society groups in Kismayo failure by the Federal Government to pull out the troops and the local administration had forced him to change his mind on the elections deal. “We had an agreement in September but the Federal Government has not fulfilled its promise,” Madobe said.

He added that stability in Jubbaland region is hinged on free and fair elections.

The Federal Government deployed troops in Gedo region early this year following a long-running row between the Jubbaland and Mogadishu. The deployment led to a deadly clash with the state forces in Belet-Hawo which spilt over to the Kenyan side.

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