Farmaajo unveils unified secondary schools curriculum

President Mohamed Farmaajo has today unveiled the unified curriculum for secondary schools as the country seeks to standardize the education system.

Speaking during the launch of the new system for secondary schools countrywide at Mohamud Mire school in Mogadishu , President Farmaajo said the unification of the education system was a major milestone for the country’s education sector.
“It is a victory that from today our children will be taught a unified curriculum that reflects the culture, history and needs of our country. After a long struggle we have succeeded in the High School Curriculum and we have already launched the Primary and Middle School Curriculum,” the President said.
A unified curriculum for primary schools was launched last year. The completion of the curricula for the two levels now standardizes the education system in the country over 30 since the former system ceased following the civil war.
Standardized class eight and form four exams started in 2015 and has since attracted over 30,000 students who sit for the exams annually.

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