Federal government re-opens Somali national University

The federal government of Somalia announced that Somali University is open after the board of the University met in Mogadishu on Saturday.

The meeting was chaired by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, the head the committee focused on the curriculum of the University, the faculties, allocation budget for the University and other important factors.
The Minister for Culture and Higher Education of federal government Duale Adan Mohamed briefed Radio Mogadishu on the decisions the Board of the University reached during the meeting.

The minister also announced that the President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, the chairman of board of the Somali National University officially opened the Somali National University adding that from today the university is open.

The opening of Somali National University after 24 years is part of federal government’s efforts to develop education in the country.

November last year Somali cabinet unanimously endorsed renovation and re-opening of Somali national University.

The Somali National University was established in 1954 in the Trust Territory of Somalia. It later obtained official university status in 1969.

The main university grounds were situated about six kilometers from the city center. Here, during the institution’s first thirty years, the main campus was known as Gaheyr University.




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