Federal MP lashes out at government over failed talks in Beletweyne

A Federal Member of Parliament has called on the government to respect the will of the people of Hiiraan in the negotiations towards the state formation process which Saturday collapsed in Beletweyne amid demonstrations against President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud.

Godah Bare also accused the government of interfering with the selection of delegates adding that the locals should be left alone first to address reconciliation issues among clans before embarking on choice of delegates.

“The elders and the communities have indicated they want to iron out issues among themselves before engaging in any federalisation process but the government has been adamant on pushing its state formation agenda in utter disregard of the wishes of the people. We understand the state formation process is equally important but that can only happen when the communities have dealt with their own challenges and differences,” said Godah.

At least three people were injured in Beletweyne Saturday after demonstrations broke out against the president.

Angry protesters also clashed with security of the local governor, Yusuf Dabaged Sarturday in the ongoing rift between the locals and the government.

The Middle Shabelle/Hiiraan state formation conference collapsed in January following disagreements over selection of delegates from the two regions.

President Mohamud is still in Beletweyne to persuade elders to attend the state formation conference in Jowhar town.


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