Federal parliament session postponed to Tuesday

The federal parliament’s meeting that was expected to assemble on Sunday was postponed to Tuesday, pro motion MPs were planning the distribution of the no confidence motion against Somali premier Abdiweli Sheikh Ahmed for the fourth time after it failed for three previous times.

A member of federal parliament, Jama’a Ahmed told the media that the Saturday’s session was postponed and speaker Jawari agreed their decision.

Somali MPs from both sides met with Somali president Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and agreed to convene the parliament session on Tuesday 2nd of December in order to table the motion easily.

The leaders of the federal parliament has severally tried to distribute the no confidence motion but the sessions failed to open after anti motion MPs started shouting and singing.

The Speaker of federal Parliament Mohamed Osman Jawari has announced the postponement of all Parliament sessions due to the current political in-fight within the country’s leaders over a motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister which led to the division of federal parliament.

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