FGS, FMS endorse public campaign on Constitutional review but subject to funding

The Federal Government and Member states have agreed to roll out a national sensitisation campaign on the constitutional review process but subject to availability of funds.

Following consultative meetings among representatives from the two levels of government and constitutional review bodies in Kismayu, it was agreed that public sensitisation be conducted on chapters one to nine of the Provisional Constitution.

The Parliamentary Oversight Committee and the Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission have so far completed review of the first ten chapters of the Provisional Constitution.

A communique from the meeting noted the conference had ‘agreed to seek for funds to conduct public awareness on the constitutional review processes’.

According to the 2019 national budget, the Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission was allocated $686,816 down from $691,226 the previous year.

The conference also called on the Federal Government to include the six representatives from the Federal Member States chosen last year to the Constitutional Review and Implementation Commission.

The Federal Government and member state leaders should initiate talks on political dialogue touching on articles 54 and 122 of the constitution, the meeting also resolved.

Article 54 which has been a point of contention between Mogadishu and the Federal Member states deals with exclusive powers of the Federal Government. Article 122, on the other hand, provides for dialogue between the two levels of government on public finance.

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