Ahlu-Sunna warns Galmudug State against army deployment

The moderate Islamist group Ahlu-suna waljama’a has warned the Gal-Mudug State government  against deployment of troops in Ahlu controlled areas

The group’s formation department chairman Mahudin Jama’a Jakula accused Gal-mudug of stationing troops in several areas including Godinlabe and Mareergur localities to attack Ahlu-Sunna controlled areas.

“We call upon Galmudug to stop the deployment of the troops. We are aware of the ongoing military movements and if you do not stop, you will admit at your own risk the consequences from your action,” said Jakula

The group had earlier accused Somali federal of fueling the already hostile situation in Somali central regions.

Hundreds of heavily armed fighters from both Ahlu-sunna and Gal-Mudug have been seen in several villages in Galgaduud region.

Earlier this month, forces loyal to armed group Ahlu Sunna Wal Jamaah entered the town of Abudwak, Galgudud region and taken control, a move calculated as pre-emptive against newly formed administration of Galmudug.

The group said it had nominated own president for areas under its rule when the Galmudug state formation conference was ongoing in Adado following a declaration it was boycotting the conference

Speaking to Goobjoog News, its leader Sheikh Ibrahim Gurre, who was among the signatories to Somali central State formation conference blamed Somali minister for Internal Affairs, Abdirahman Odawaa.


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