Finland pledges $ 8.9 million for aid to Somalia

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Finland has announced an additional $ 8.9 million in aid to Somalia through the World Bank, a close ally of Somalia.

“We are satisfied with the huge progress made by the various Government agencies and the reforms that have been made since 2012, but there are many challenges, especially to ensure the delivery of services to the most vulnerable areas,” said Ambassador Eric Landberg, Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesman in Finland.

On the other hand, Ambassador Eric Landberg said the Finland government is committed to helping Somalia overcome obstacles and align with the country’s progress and reconstruction.

Hague Riedel, director of the World Bank Office for Somalia said: “Finland remains an important partner in the World Bank and Somalia.

“The new support of the Finland Government will enable us to increase the support of the Government to improve the services necessary for Somalia, and Finland has a vital role in shaping the Fund’s direction,” Hague Riedel added.

Finally, Finland’s financial support to the World Bank will increase funding for public institutions and the reconstruction of Somalia.

Experts in Mogadishu said the main purpose of Finland’s financial support is to strengthen the state’s capacity to build government institutions to serve the Somali people.

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