First batch of Somali refugees due to return to  Dhobley district

The first batch of Somali refugees are expected to be returned to Dhoobley district, the border of Kenya and Somalia.

At least hundred people among over three thousand Somali refugees who voluntarily registered to be repatriated home will come back today as Dhobley district commissioner Siyad Hassan Uleh confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

Mr. Uleh stated that the administration is fully prepared to receive the returning refugees to the country.

“ The first batch of Somali refugees from Kenya Dadab refugee camps will come back today and the rest will follow suit” Mr. Uleeh said.

Earlier last week UNHCR has announced that over 3000 Somali refugees voluntarily registered to return home after more two decades.

Kenya hosts over half million Somali refugees who fled from the two decades civil war that broke out early 1991 after Siad Barre’s regime was over taken.


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