Four of the 11 nullified parliamentary seats to be re-contested

Four of the eleven parliamentary seats nullified by Somalia’s Conflict Resoltion Commission will be re-contested, Somali leaders said on Monday.

In a press statement released by National Leadership Forum (NLF), the leaders included the brother of the chief of Somalia’s intelligence Agency, Abdulkadir Gaafow Mohamud who was accused of involving irregularities.

The leaders agreed to dismiss part of the recent decision made by Somalia’s Independent Electoral Dispute Resolution Mechanism (IEDRM), which nullified voting results for 11 seats triumphed in the parliamentary elections in the regional states.

The Somali leaders decided to accept the results of six seats of the eleven and  the other four will be re-contested.

Among the seats the leaders asked re-contesting is Mr. Mohamed Abdullahi Hassan, the outgoing federal Minister of Youth and Sports.

Hassan and another contender for the seat, Ahmed Sheikh Nur were disqualified for their role in the violence that occurred inside and outside the polling center in Jowhar last month in which a number of people, including electoral college delegates, were injured.

In recently released NLF communique, Both Hassan and Nur were allowed to participate the election which will attack place in Jowar, the capital administrative of Hirshabelle.

The five seats which their elections will be held soon come Jubbaland, Galmudug, Hirshabelle, Puntland and Southwest states.


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