Five die of hunger as drought bites in Hiiraan

Five people have been confirmed dead in Jalalaqsi district with dozens of children malnourished as drought continues to wreak havoc in the country.

The five deaths have been reported in villages including Raasow and Baqdaad in the outskirts of Jalalaqsi, while the 40 cases of malnutrition have been confirmed.

Mohamed Abdulle Fidow, Jalalaqsi district commissioner told Goobjoog News that villages around the town in Hiiraan region are staring at starvation as the country faces cycle of famine-related deaths.

“Several people are weak and emaciated due to hunger. The areas have remained dry, leading to death of humans and livestock,” said Fidow.

The official says the old people are among hundreds of starving villagers who have been hit hard by devastating drought that has swept across Somalia.

Thousands have been arriving in towns over recent days in search of food aid.

In the recent weeks there had been reports of many cases of diarrhea and malnutrition affecting both children and adults in the region.

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