Five killed in car explosion in Shangani district, Mogadishu

At least 5 people have been killed in a car explosion at the Juba junction, Shangani district in Mogadishu, officials have said.

Sources at the scene said the car which had been parked near a place popular with people who play cards exploded at about 6pm killing 5 people and 18 others injured.

Shangani District Commissioner has told Gooobjoog News they have confirmed the number of death and that some of the survivors suffered slight injuries.

“We have established that 5 people were killed in the evening explosion and 18 others injured. A car which was parked at the back of Juba hotel near a place where people play cards in the evening exploded causing the damage. I am not sure however if the target was the hotel or those playing cards out there,” said Ahmed Hassan Yalahow.

Majority of the casualties and the injured were people playing cards.

The explosion comes hours after another one in Kismayu which killed 16 soldiers and wounded 21 others when an explosives laden car rammed at the gates of the former Kismayu University which now houses AMISOM and Interim Jubba Administration soldiers.

An army official, Colonel Ahmed Ato told the media at least 16 Somali soldiers were killed and 21 others were wounded in the blast. “The soldiers were lining for training when the explosion happened,” said Ato.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility for the attack however it has not said anything concerning the Shangani attack.

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