Five Quran teachers killed in clan clashes in Adale

Five Quran teachers were killed Thursday morning in Adale district in Middle Shabelle region.
Adale administrator Muse Geni told Goobjoog News the five were killed in an ambush in continuing clan clashes there.
The five victims are reported to have been gathering in the same place when armed men from rival clan stormed the area and killed them before fleeing.
According to Geni, clan clashes have been ongoing in recent weeks in the area. Today’s incident happened in Raga-ele village.
He called on the HirShabelle state government and the Federal Government to move in swiftly to arrest the situation and stop the fighting.
The official said elders from the warring clans were now engaging to end the bloodshed.
It was not immediately clear what the cause of the fighting was but fights over pasture, water sources and other clan disputes have been main flash points in most Somali regions in the past.
More to follow.

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