FNP rebukes Farmaajo’s delay in naming new PM, terms it dictatorial

The Forum for National Parties, a coalition of six political parties in Somalia has called on President Mohamed Farmaajo to expedite the appointment of a new prime minister noting failure to do so is a recipe for dictatorship.

The coalition headed by former presidents Hassan Sheikh Mohamud and Sharif Sheikh Ahmed castigated Farmaajo’s failure to appoint a new premier close to 60 days after the last PM was ousted out of office.

To date, Farmaajo is yet to name a new PM around 55 days since Hassan Khaire was removed in a no-confidence deal by the Lower House.

“The Forum for National Parties (FNP) considers it irresponsible and dictatorial for the country to be without a government for 53 days, and the government is in the hands of the president for personal gain.” the statement read in part.

Khaire became one of the longest serving prime minister’s in recent Somali politics serving for close to end of the four-year term unlike his predecessors most of whom stayed in office for a maximum of one year.

The delay in appointing a new PM by the president could be informed by the need to negotiate a new elections deal with Federal Member State leaders devoid of a second centre of power in Villa Somalia.



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