Food prices shoot up in Mahaday over roadblocks

Food prices in Mahadlay locality have skyrocketed as a result of increasing number of roadblocks mounted by armed gun men who impose levies on vehicles transporting foodstuff to the market, residents say.

The traders and the local residents who met in that town have expressed their concern over the situation of the town.

Mohamed Noor Mohamed who is a trader said the traders and drivers of trucks are about to down their tools due to the increased illegal checkpoints.

“We are so concerned over the dire situation in areas; the price of basic items have shot up dramatically,” said Mohamed.

He said that the traders and the drivers always spend a lot of money on illegal roadblocks to save their lives.

“We have lots of problem with these illegal checkpoints in Middle Shabelle region because we cannot afford the amount of money we are forced to pay; the money we pay to each roadblock is 10 US dollars,” Mohamed lamented.

Drivers have complained repeatedly about the illegal roadblocks that have been setup by the militias.

The traders and drivers have several times called on the federal government to take immediate action of removing the illegal checkpoints in the region.

Armed men with SNA uniform set up roadblocks to demand cash from drivers who constantly use the busy main highway connecting the Lower Shabelle region.

According to local sources, more than 20 roadblocks have been setup in the Lower Shabelle region.

The federal government carried out several operations to remove the illegal roadblocks set by the men dressed in military uniform but no change was so far felt according the owners and the drivers.

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