Former Army General Slams Government for Security Lapses

GalalFormer Army General Mohamed Noor Galal has come out strongly condemning the government of its ineffectiveness to stop suicide bombings and attacks on the hotels.

He pointed out that the security forces have poor relationship with public and that their public image is very much dented given their ill displace, according to Mr. Galal.

“If the public is given their role to be able to alert authorities, then Alshabab would have never been able to carry out such heinous crimes” said the general.

He believes that the government has enough forces to combat insurgency, but lacks coordination, has divided loyalty, and even corrupt leadership.

“They would have the best army in Africa if were equipped the necessary skills” said the Mr. Galal who is best remembered for his role in 1977 Somalia-Ethiopia war, which Somalia had the upper hand until Soviet union interfered by backing Ethiopia.

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