Former Puntland president tries to hold talks for rival clans in Sool region

Elders led by the Former president of the semi-autonomous regional state of Puntland, Abdirahman Farole are trying to hold talks for two clans that clashed in Sool region.

More than a dozen clan militiamen have been killed in heavy clashes in northern Sool region.

The fighting erupted in the village of Dharkayn-Genyo, 70km west of Lasanod town.

Farole has offered his readiness to step up efforts regarding an end to the renewed hostility.

“We will do our best and manage to stop the inter-clan violence,” said Farole.

The clash between the two rival clans has been going on for so long following a land dispute, while the local elders been able to mediate between the groups, a lasting ceasefire has never been achieved, reliable sources added.

Since the collapse of the Central government in 1991, Water, pasture and politics have been at the center of sporadic clashes between Somali tribes across the country.

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