Former Shabaab deputy Robow visits military camps in Baidoa

FILE PHOTO – Sheikh Mokhtar Robow Abu Monsor (L) and Sheikh Ali Mohamud Rage (Ali Dhere) walk in Somalia’s capital Mogadishu, January 4, 2010. REUTERS/Ismail Taxta

Former senior Al-Shabaab leader Mukhtar Robow who defected to government in August Saturday visited Somali military camps in Baidoa, in South West state.

South West state spokesman Nuradin Ga’ma told the media the Robow’s visit was to familiarize him with the security situation of the region. Ga’ma said Robow, also known by his alias as Abu Mansur will join state leaders later for a joint media conference.

Robow a former Al-Shabaab top leader defected to the government in mid August citing ideological difference with the group and was flown to Mogadishu to meet with the federal leaders including president Farmaajo.

He was back to his rural town Hudur, Bakool region last week accompanied by immediate former defense minister Abdirashid Abdullahi.

Robow controls several militias who are still under his command.



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