Former Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein has died in London

Former Somali Prime Minister Nur Hassan Hussein Nur Ade has died at Kings College hospital in London on Tuesday earlier. Nur Adde has been suffering Coronavirus infection that has spread many countries around the world which kills thousands including Somalis.

The death of former Prime Minister, confirmed by one of his children, Mohamed Nur Hassan who reported to Somali National News Agency on Wednesday morning. Likewise, former Somali national team player, Abdiqadir Mohamed Farah died of Coronavirus last month in the city of London.

Nur Hassan Hussein takes the office of the Somali prime minister on 24th November 2007 and handed over on 14th February 2009. Nur Ade was a tax custom insurance officer since 1958 and later become a communication officer for police Interpol. He studied the law from Italy which led him, the long-serving Attorney general of Somalia.

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