Galkaayo Mayor refutes reports saying airport seized by Danab forces

Galkaayo mayor, Mohamed Yasin Tumay has dismissed reports by the media that Somalia’s elite forces  took control of Galkaayo airport two days ago.

He pointed out the forces came to Galkaayo town to carry out security operations after they got intelligence reports.

“commando unit, known as Danab, or “lightning.” have not raided the airport abut they came the town to carry out operations to pursue criminals,” said Tumay.

The move came after local media reported that US trained forces have raided the airport and took its control but Puntland administration rejected those reports.

Danab forces comprised of soldiers selected from security forces in different parts of the country are based in Balidogle military base south of Mogadishu.

Decades ago, Somalia had one of the best armies in Africa, largely trained by the Soviet Union.  But the army infrastructure and government institutions collapsed in 1991 after warlords overthrew longtime dictator Mohammed Siad Barre.

the U.N.-backed government is trying to rebuild the armed forces in the midst of a fierce war against al-Shabab, which seeks to impose its harsh form of Islamic law on the country.

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