Galkayo local administration launches water drainage project in the town

An aerial view of Galkayo town. Photo credit: Online

Local municipality of Galkayo town, Galmudug state yesterday launched a water drainage system in the town in partnership with the local business community to ensure stagnant water in the township is eliminated to reduce health problems.

The project event was officiated by the local commissioner Hirsi Yussuf Bare who stated that his office is determined to carry out activities that will enhance the face of the town.

“Today we are working in the town on a project to remove rainwater ponds completely. We have many sites outlined for u in the town to fix them and the need to improve the town’s image” said Commissioner Bare

Bare expressed his gratitude to the local business and encouraged the locals to follow suit.

 “We appreciate the role played by the local business people in this project and I encourage the residents to emulate them” Bare added.

The project which is first of its kind for a long period was commenced at this time to prepare for the impending rainy season that floods the town raising health concerns according to the local council.

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