Galmudug leader terms extra seats to Somaliland cover-up for Puntland

Galmudug state president Abdikarim Guled has dismissed the decision by the National Leadership Forum to award two more seats for the Upper House to Puntland which he claims were disguised as reserved for Somaliland.

Speaking in Galkaayo town a day after the conclusion of the NLF talks in Mogadishu which he himself attended; Guled said the seats were indirectly given to Puntland which controls parts of Sool and Sanag.

In a communiqué released yesterday, the NLF three seats will be reserved for clans in Sool, eastern Sanag and Buuhooldle regions, one of which will be shared by minority clans. It further noted Somaliland will be added two more seats making it a total of 13.

But Guled told the public in Galkaayo that delegates representing Galmudug were not consulted during the talks in Mogadishu prior to his arrival from medical trip in India.

“The delegates from Galmudug were not involved in the discussions regarding the extra seats and as Galmudug we do not agree with it,” said Guled.

Guled however did join the talks in Mogadishu two days before they concluded which culminated in the release of a communiqué indicating the addition seats.

Buuhoodle region is the administrative capital of self declared state of Khatumo which sits between Puntland and Somaliland.

Guled’s sentiments come barely a day after some leaders from Somaliland complained of unfair treatment in the distribution of the Upper House seats. Abdihashi Abdullahi an MP from Somaliland told the media Tuesday the allocation of two seats in the name of Somaliland was a ploy to cover an offer for Puntland.




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