Galmudug MPs welcomed the Agreement of ending the disputes of the state top officials


Ahmed Abdi Ahmed an MP of Galmudug state welcomed the agreement reached in Mogadishu with the highest-ranking official Galmudug state to end their disagreement in the administration.

The MPs in Dhusamareeb district said that it was a great victory for the transitional government of Somalia to end the disagreement of the Galmudug administration leaders.

“The public and all the parliament members of Galmudug state have welcomed the deal, and we hope that it will be completed successfully,” he said.

Meanwhile, lawmakers Ahmed expressed his optimism about stimulating work of the Galmudug administration to serve the civilian population.

Galmudug President Ahmed Ducaalle Gelleh Haf, Deputy President Mohamed Hassan and Galmudug Parliament Speaker Ali Gacal Casir have ended their disagreement in Mogadishu.

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