Government Appoints More Women to the Judiciary

Miltary court-- XukunThe government has on Sunday showcased in public 6 women who would be working in the judiciary, they were among 17 new government attorneys hired by the office of the Attorney General.

Chairman of Banadir regional court Hashi Elmi Noor has hailed the rare move to introduce women to the judiciary which has long being dominated my male.

“We had only one judge lady in the past, I am happy that we have you now in the justice system and we wish to have more” said the chairman.

However Mr. Hashi warned the new appointees against injustices and tribalism “People would come to you with all sorts of stories, they expect you to rule in their favor even though they are on the wrong side of the law, you shouldn’t accept that” said the chairman.

This is part of general government efforts to overhaul the justice system in the country.

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