Government Forces Capture Al-shabab Ring Leaders in Bakol

Al-ShababGovernment Forces in Bakol region claims that they have captured two Al-shabab ring leaders in a security operation.

Somali National Army head of operation in Bakol Abdiladhif Mohamed Botan told Goobjoog that they faced resistance in their operation from Al-shabab insurgents, but still managed to penetrate and capture important people.

He names the captured suspects as Sheik Hassan Dhubow and Sheik Abdi Barow who he described the main culprits in the outlawed organization.

Al-shabab has yet to comment on the development.

According to analysis’s, it could be a breakthrough as this would help destabilize Al-Shabab cells in the region.

Government forces in Bakol have been the hardest hit by Al-shabab guerilla war which they started after they lost large parts of territory.

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