Government forces conduct operations to pull out illegal roadblocks in Hiraan region

Somali government forces have started conducting heavy operations to clean up illegal roadblocks set up by armed militias in the outer skirt of Beledweyn town the heaqauater of Hiran region.

Gunmen implying to be government forces have set up their own roadblocks to collect revenue from civilian transporters accessing from the other parts of Hiraan to Beledweyn town.

The public transport drivers have been continuously complaining against the roadblocks where the armed militias demand a huge amount of money forcing many transport owners to ditch from their jobs.

HirShabelle officials and the community elders in the region have agreed to closely work together to uproot all illegal roadblocks in the region.

The government forces officials said that the operation is meant to create safe access for the locals and to make the lives of the civilians very simple.

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