Government soldiers recapture two towns after they were dislodged for hours

Somali government soldiers backed by African Union Peace-keeping mission (AMISOM) have engaged gun battle with Al-Shabab fighters who seized two towns for hours.
Somali soldiers recapture the seized towns and hit back Al-Shabab fighters seriously.
“We recaptured Aw-Dheegle and Mubark town which they seized in the early hours of Friday after brief gun fire” said one Somali commanders leading the soldiers.
The military added that group is already weak therefore it was possible for the group stay in the towns, they suffered massive defeat.
Residents had earlier said that militants armed with crude weapons attacked positions manned by Somali government in the town of Awdhegle forcing the government troops to flee.
“The group attacked the town at the dawn this morning and forced government troops to flee after fighting that lasted two hours” Abshir Ali, told the media.
Al-Shabab radio also claimed that they killed at least ten government soldiers before they took the control of the two neighbouring towns of Awdhegle and Mubarak
“We have killed at least ten apostate soldiers and confiscated both ammunition and battle wagons,” said the rebel commander who spoke to the group’s radio of Andulus.
The fall of Awdhegle and Mubarak could have been a terrible blow to the Somali government which is now struggling to form interim federal states in the south and central Somalia including lower Shabelle region.

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