Government used security forces to block MPs-Speaker Jawari

Speaker Mohamed Jawari addressing the press in his residence in Mogadishu. Photo: Goobjoog News

Security forces blocked over 100 MPs from accessing the House Wednesday, Speaker Mohamed Jawari has said noting the presence of the officers inside the chamber ran counter to the House Standing Orders.

Addressing the media after a long day of political squabbling in the Lower House, Jawari said the executive was using the security forces to break the law. “The security forces stopped me as I was coming in the morning and asked I leave behind my security,” the speaker said. Upon enquiring, I was told the Security minister, who is a proponent of the motion against me issued the order.”

The speaker who has been the centre of an ensuing political dispute took issue with the government noting he was surprised by claims he had taken over Parliament. “They claimed I had captured parliament with 11 security officers. If that is so then it also means the President has also captured Villa Somalia.”

The presence of the police in the chamber is against article 38 of the Standing Orders which prohibits the presence of security forces in the floor of the House without permission, the long serving speaker added.

The speaker’s remarks follows the suspension of House business after a meeting with Amisom. Amisom commander Gen Paul Lokech said they had agreed to suspend business for a period.

“We have come to an agreement that Parliament through the Speaker be suspended for a period of time,” said Lokech. “We as Amisom we shall take security of parliament until a time when the atmosphere is good for all of you to sit in your House and deliberate on the motions that you have.”



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