Gunmen attack bus, lorry and kill two passengers in Kenya

Two passengers were killed and three others sustained injuries after suspected Al-Shabab fighters concurrently attacked a lorry and a bus both heading Mandera.

The bus and the lorry which were travelling to Mandera town were waylaid between Kotulo and El-wak towns by gunmen who opened fire at both vehicles.

North Eastern regional coordinator Mohamud Saleh said the bus driver, who was among the injured, did not stop after the 6.45 am shooting incident. “The gunmen, who we believe were Al-Shabaab militants, shot at the bus killing one passenger and injured the driver and two other passengers,” said Saleh.

He added that the militants also shot at a lorry that was passing by and killed a passenger.

“Both drivers did not stop. They sped off saving many lives because their intent was to carry out a massacre or loot,” said Saleh.

He said the bus driver left Nairobi on Sunday and spent the night at Kotulo Township where he was supposed to wait for other buses travelling to Mandera and get police escort.

“But the driver did not wait for the escort. He decided to drive to Mandera”, Saleh said.

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