Gunman kills Puntland presidential director in Bossaso

The director of presidential palace of Somalia’s Northern regional state, Puntland has been killed in port city of Bossaso on Tuesday evening.

An unidentified gunman shot dead Adan Gas Haruse  who managed the Puntland presidential palace for the last 12 years.

Haruse was attacked at a restaurant in Puntland’s main port and economic hub, Bossaso.

Ayewitness who was near the hotel when the shooting took place said the director was shot and killed by a gunman who escaped from the scene.

Al-Shabaab claimed responsibility on Radio Andalus, its mouthpiece in Somalia.

“This evening one of our brothers killed the director in Bosasso. We were the ones who organised the killing of Puntland’s deputy police commander days ago,”

The incident comes just days after the third deputy chief of Puntland police was killed in the same town.

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