Somalia : Gunmen kill Somali civil aviation officials

At least four people including some of Somali civil aviation officials have killed in drive-by shooting at KM4 of Mogadishu on Monday according to Goobjoog News reporter.

The assailants who were following these four people opened fire at their car and immediately escaped from the scene of the crime.

The names of the decedents were identified as Abuukar Adnani, director of air transport, Mohamed Ahmed Haruun, manager of Somali Air navigation, Mohamed Kediye jim’aale Head of the administration Somali civil aviation and Hussein hillow Adnan, a chauffeur for Somali civil aviation
Nobody claimed credit for the attack but as has been the case Al Shabaab group targets government officials.

It was 9th February this year when unidentified gunmen assassinated Federal Member of Parliament, Abdulahi Qayad Barre at El-gaabta of Mogadishu.

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