Gunmen kill traditional elder in Mogadishu

A traditional elder was killed in Wartanabada area of Mogadishu on Saturday evening, according to local reports.

Osman Kheyre was shot dead in Hamar-Bile neighbourhood as he was leaving a nearby mosque after evening prayers.

According to witnesses, he was accosted by two attackers who drew their pistols, shot him at point blank range and fled the crime scene.

“We suspect the elder was killed by Al Shabaab assassins who have been targeting traditional elders in Mogadishu in the past weeks for their involvement in the elections of the members of Federal Parliament,” a local resident in Hamar-Bile neighbourhood.

After the shooting, Somali security officers have immediately arrived at the scene, and cordoned it off for investigation, however, no suspect was arrested for the assassination, according to an eyewitness.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the murder of the elder, which becomes the 3rd elder be killed in a less than two weeks in Mogadishu.

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