Himan & Heb state announces the arrival of the technical committee and the opening of state formation conference

The administration of Himin and Heyb confirmed arrival of the Members of the technical committee for the creation of central Somalia regional state in Adado town.
The spokesman for Himin and Heyb administration Osman Mohamed Areys speaking to Goobjoog FM that the committee, elders politician and intellectuals were warmly welcomed at Adado airport by senior Himan & Heb officials and civil society.
“The technical committee and other delegates including intellectuals, elders arrived the town” Mr. Areys said.
The technical committee that reached Adado held talks with Himan & Heeb administration, elders and civil society groups.
He reiterated that the administration of Himan and Heb has finalized its preparations to open the conference in Adado adding that they have tighten the security of the town.
The committee will facilitate the opening of the conference of establishing an inclusive regional state for Galgadud and Mudug regions.

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