HirShabelle MPs accuse president Ware of violating pact on cabinet size

The lawmakers said they had agreed on a cabinet of 36 members but President Mohamed Ware went for 57

Lawmakers have accused HirShabelle president Mohamed Ware of violating agreements among them number of cabinet ministers. File Photo: Amisom

HirShabelle state president Mohamed Ware’s efforts to form a cabinet three months after he was elected have further been held back as state assembly lawmakers accuse him of negating earlier agreements to among others appoint a lean cabinet.

State assembly MPs who spoke to Goobjoog News are accusing Ware of appointing what they said was a bloated cabinet and not sticking to the constitutional timelines.

“The state president by-passed what he agreed with HirShabelle MPs. He told us he would appoint 15 ministers, 15 assistants and 6 state ministers and we supported him,” state assembly MP Noor Warsame. “The state cannot afford such a number; we survive on meagre budget from the Federal Government.”

Ware unveiled a 57 member cabinet late November among them 20 ministers and equal number of assistants and 17 state ministers. The MPs said they had agreed on a total of 36 ministers.

Three state ministers have so far resigned. They are: Ismael Ulusow (Posts and Telecommunication), Muhsin Muhumed (Security and Rehabilitation) and Yusuf Ali (Interior and Federalism).

The lawmakers have also raised concern on the quality of human resource brought in to serve in the cabinet. Abdirahman Khaire (MP) held similar views with Warsame. “The economy of the new state cannot support such a large number of ministers but the president broke his word and brought a large number with poor quality especially with very young individuals.”

Ware who was elected in September 16 succeeded then embattled President Ali Osoble who was ousted by the state assembly. Three months down the line, Ware is yet to constitute his first cabinet and lawmakers are also taking issue with the time he announced the new line up.

“With 45 days to constitute a cabinet, Ware decided to make the announcement the last day of the 45 days period which invalidates his move,” Khaire noted. The 45th day is however still within the constitutional timeline.

A meeting between the lawmakers and the president mid last month agreed to allow the president to name his cabinet from outside the assembly.

Ware is expected to present the new line-up to the state assembly for approval.

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