Hirshabelle Parliament speaker call on for peace in the region

The Parliament speaker of HirShabelle has called for the immediate ceasefire of clan warfare in the border of Hiran and Galgadud regions.

Sheikh Abdirahman Barre Mohamed,  Speaker of Hirshabelle Parliament, has condemned the people of Hiiran region for not taking parts their role of peacemaking in the community, and that the leaders of the region are not happy of the current clan clashes in the region.

He added that the war is not propitious for the people in the region and it is important for an immediate ceasefire in the region.

“We are saddened by the recent clan clashes in the region, we call on for a ceasefire, and everybody in the region has the responsibility to take part in the peace,” said Osman

The speaker has called the leaders and the community elders in the region to play their role and mediate the clan fighting in the region.

The area border of Hiran and Galgadud region has erupted clashes between clans living in the area.

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