Hirshabelle president given more time to name cabinet

In a special sitting by regional assembly, the president of Somalia’s youngest regional state, Hirshabelle,  Ali Osoble was given more time to name his cabinet after he failed to meet the deadline.

In a letter to Hirshabelle assembly, Ali urged MPs to give him more time to afford him to do more consultation to name competent team of ministers.

MPs allowed him two more months to conclude the naming of the ministers, who are expected to execute crucial mandate.

Speaking after the parliament decision, Deputy Hirshabelle assembly speaker, Hussein Abdi said 70 MPs voted in favour of the request, three rejected while seven MPsabstained.

“The president asked for two months so that he can form his cabinet, now the parliament voted for it with overwhelmingly,” said Abdi.

HirShabelle was the last regional administration formed as part of the Somali government’s effort to federate the country ahead of the presidential election to be held soon.

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