HirShabelle’s Waare drops CIC stance, pledges collaboration Fed. Government

Federal state presidents under the Council of Inter-State Cooperation (CIC) ceased cooperation with the federal government early this month

FILE: HirShabelle president Mohamed Waare

HirShabelle state president Mohamed Warre has broken ranks with his fellow state presidents after he announced Wednesday he had reached a deal with the federal government to ‘work together’.

Waare who is reported to have been in talks with Prime Minister Hassan Khaire in the past four days said differences with the federal government had been resolved.

“Any disagreements between HirShabelle and the federal government have been resolved after discussions between the government of HirShabelle and the federal government,” a statement from Waare’s office read in part.

My administration will work closely with the federal government and will have good collaboration, Waare added.

The move by HirShabelle comes amid tense relations between the two levels of government following declaration by state president including Waare early this month to suspend cooperation with Mogadishu. The suspension saw the collapse of the National Security Council meeting slated for September 17.

Waare arrived in Mogadishu last week and in a press briefing at the airport lambasted the federal government for what he termed as failing security in the city which saw the militant group Al-Shabaab launch two deadly attacks at Hodan and Howlwadag district headquarters within a space of a week.



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