Historic Mogadishu Mayoral Seat Reopened

fisho gufeernoThe historic building where first Somali government officials after independent took their session was reopened after many renovations.

The building known as Ufficio Governo in Italy was also the seat of colonial masters, it  later served as mayoral office and city hall of Mogadishu.

But during the 25 years of anarchy in the country, the building has suffered a great deal of destruction and was ruined beyond use.

The current Mogadishu local government headed by Mayor Hasan Mungab has taken the initiative to rebuild this historic building into its original shape through a government-public partnership project code named “Rebuild Your Country”, a project funded by Somalis 100%.

In a neatly organized opening ceremony, with much fanfare was attended by the president Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, the Mayor Hassan Mohamed Husein, ministers, MPs and the members of diplomatic community in the country.

The president has lauded Mogadishu local government and the mayor for their efforts to rebuild the city’s land mark facilities.

Mogadishu local government would from now on move in to the new building and operate from there.

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